LED Display LDN3


Gold Apollo Wireless LED Panel Display is simple, elegant and a reliable device that combines numeric/alphanumeric message viewing options with the flexibility of an easy to read LED sign. Wireless LED display is as simple to deploy as any handhold transmitters, and no wire connections. Wireless LED Display perfectly accommodates a wide variety of industries and application environments, including: factory, warehouse, loading docks, schools, hospitals, fire departments. and so on..


  • Outdoor / Indoor Programmable Wireless LED Panel Display
  • Message can be entered through public paging system or TE505NA, TE300, TE310 & TE-100NA Transmitters with optional computer software
  • 3 digits numeric display (4.75 x 3.5 inch), up to 899
  • Available for programming
  • AC input, 100V-240V AC
  • Available for wall-mount
  • Programming through B type USB, USB interface
  • Air off, turn off display only (900 send)
  • Speaker 30 cm 99db

Additional information


UHF 430~470 MHz

Bit Rate

512 / 1200 / 2400bps for POCSAG

Channel Spacing

12.5KHz, 25KHz

Code Format



6 Capcodes for POCSAG


Case: 390 x 172 x 52.5 mm


1900 g

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