Table Tracker A06TT helps you find guests fast to reduce workload. Amazingly, it’s also integrated with guest pager.

  • Now you can have an overview on system to find guest with a simple glance.
  • Activity log by Table Tracker A06TT preserves valuable data for analysis to optimize
  • The system is always monitoring each Guest Finder for status, battery life and signal strength.
  • Once you have Table Tracker A06TT, there is no need to do anysetting. It’s ready to work immediately.
  • After ordering meal, clerk gives a Table Tracker A06TT to customer. At this point, the timer starts counting for this order.
  • Soon after your customer place a Table Tracker A06TT on sensing tag, the system immediately indicates where the customer is sitting and shows the table number.
  • When order is ready, food runner simply check the waiting list of the system and find the right location of customer.
  • When meal is served, food runner goes back to the system and operate with touch screen to delete the customer on the waiting. That simple!

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