Gold Apollo’s Wireless Paging System

Voice communication is the most familiar way to people. Gold Apollo has dedicated to various paging applications over decades.
Make things better and useful are always our main goal. Now we introduce Wireless Paging Base Station TE-505NV and voice pager VP-101 even affordable for general purpose.
Under any circumstance, you won’t miss any voice calling from critical personnel. Need no software and any complicated setting.

Provides voice paging and instant messaging throughout your desktop transmitter. Send voice notifications by preprogrammed message or instantly recording. The system has capacity on 999 units of voice pager.

  • 8 groups of contact for each TE-505NV, the 9th group contains all contacts of voice pager
  • The coverage can reach up to 0.8-1 KM in open space, while it’s about 200-300 meters indoor

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