5W 無線發射器 TX-125


TX125EN is one of the most powerful Gold Apollo transmitter for in-house paging solution that require paging and managing messages from PC. All paging and control is done via RS232 serial port.

The transmitter support 1 and 5 watts (switchable) output power, and the coverage is up to 1-1.5KM (1 Watt) and up to 3.5-5KM (5 Watt) in open space.

Based on POCSAG protocol, TX125EN transmitter is compatible to any POCSAG pagers, included alphanumeric/numeric/tone only/LED display/desktop pagers. This makes the TX125EN suitable for any in-house paging solution.

The transmitter offers friendly user interface with Gold Apollo GACOMP2 paging software, GACOMP2 software enable users to manage all pages.

TX125EN supports a wide variety of standard control protocols, including COMP1, COMP2, SCOPE, GACOMP2, TAP protocols.

TX125EN is capable to call up to thousands of pagers.


  • TX-125 is a 1W – 5Watt transmitter for paging and data applications in the VHF or UHF bands.
  • Coverage of between 0.8 and 4 kilometre in unobstructed open space
  • Calling of up to 999 pagers
  • Support POCSAG Alphanumeric, Numeric and Tone/Vibrate Messaging
  • 16 paging channels
  • One power LED; one transmission in-progress LED
  • Carrier Detect Output
  • Digit Modulation Input
  • Audio Modulation Input
  • Audio Output
  • Push to Talk input
  • BNC antenna input
  • Pager Baud / Bit Rates (bps): 512 / 1200 / 2400 (programmable)
  • Active voltage range: DC 12V, 3A
  • RS232 port for serial data and programming
  • Supports a wide variety of industry-standard control protocols, including TAP, COMP1, COMP2, and SCOPE
  • Support GACOMP2 paging software
  • Support varies installation methods: hanging or placement
  • Applications include alarms, fire, security, medical and nursing systems, shopping complexes, process and plant control


Model TX-125 TX-125 EN TX-125 ENA
5W transmission
POCSAG Encoder
( COMP1, COMP2, SCOPE, GACOMP2, TAP protocol)
Alarm Input



UHF 430~470 MHz, VHF 135~174 MHz

Output Power

1W, 5W

Modulation Type

F3D, F3E

Channel Spacing

12.5KHz, 25KHz

Harmonic Radiation

60 dBc or less -36dBm

Power Supply

DC 10V 14V

Frequency Stability

±2.5 ppm at -10°C~+60°C

Current Consumption

Standyby: 100mA; TX(5W) < 2A; TX(1W) < 1A




65.50 (W) x 30.05 (H) x 95.00 (D) mm


Approximately 245g

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