The best tool for industrial control, agricultural mechanical control and even your backyard garden.

This 4 channels multifunction RF receiving controller can be used to turn on/ off relays include fields of electronically operated gate, windows, Lifting Appliance, Switch, Lifter, Agricultural Control System, Industrial Control, Security Industry etc.

Frequently asked questions

搭配GA發射器TX-200 Series或手持型發射器TE-100. 即可用發射器下指令分別控制4組繼電器開關。

可做為遠端遙控開關之用. 收到無線命令後, 啟動繼電器開關燈號, 蜂鳴器, 自動門, 灑水或任何電器設備。

除了手動決定開關之外; 也可搭配軟體; 依照事先設定好的時間開關。

我司會提供燒碼軟提及指令參考, 如需搭配客製化軟體; 請來信聯繫我們的業務人員為您規劃。

1 pole 16 A, 1 form C (CO) contact

Coil voltage: 12VDC

Contact rating: 24VDC, 250VAC

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