Two Way Paging Solution

Two Way Paging System is designed specifically for long-term place to gain well management immediately, such like industries, shopping mall, hospital, and emergency organization necessary.

Best solution for interactive paging system

Advanced Encryption Standard

With AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), GA Two-Way Paging System secures every message you send and receive.


TCP/IP interface makes the system so extensive to every corner all over the world.

Two Way Paging

Two Way Paging allows user to send / receive messages to / from its center through simple steps.

Frequently asked questions

The two-way paging system contains a 5W transmitter TX-200ENT for transmitting messages via ethernet, the two-way alphanumeric pager AL-125TR receives and transmits an acknowledgment to the RX-100 which is an IP-based receiving stations relaying said acknowledgments to the GACOMP2 network.

The two-way paging system works on GACOMP2 network.

GACOMP2 software is specialized by Gold Apollo for two-way paging system. For customized software integrated on client’s own, please contact our sales team to get more information.

In open space, our 5W transmitter TX-200ENT is able to cover distance up to 5 kilometers. However, the actual distance differs under actual circumstances or the building’s construction. The output power of two-way alphanumeric pager AL-125TR is 10mW with transmitting distance in 100-200 meters.

Multiple central receiver RX-100 can be added (up to 32 units), therefore you will get better coverage and reception.

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