Guest calling paging system is simple, affordable and a perfect solution.

Gold Apollo’s guest calling paging system supports the idea of wanting to improve guest dining experiences, and customers may now roam around freely with our guest calling paging systems such as A06, A07, and A08 series in hand while their order / table is being prepared. The guest calling paging system increases revenues, provides good quality customer services and improves overall satisfaction.

All-in-One Paging System

The AL-A08 pager is simple, affordable and a perfect solution for restaurants, food courts, coffee shops, and bars. It is easy to use with a hand-carry size. The pager is also qualified for IP67 waterproof with greater durability.

Over-The-Air Programming

Over-the-air (OTA) programming, which allows A08TCP remote AL-A08 software updates and turns off without the need for a service visit.

Fashion Design and Weight 69g Only

Lithium-polymer battery, long- lasting battery life, fast charging. Small-size and light-weight with fabulous design.

Choose the perfect plan

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Frequently asked questions

We provide 3 types of receivers:
A06, A07, and A08 are IP67 dust and waterproof.
Please leave more details of your restaurant, we will get back to you as soon as possible.
A06 transmitter can call 999 pcs of receivers.
A07 transmitter can call 60 pcs of receivers.
A08 transmitter can call 10 pcs of receivers.
(* 10 receivers on one charging stack)
We provide 3 types of transmitter that perfectly meets your needs:
The portable transmitter TE-100NA (0.5 watts)
The desk transmitter TE-505NA (1 watt) and 50-key transmitter TE-300 (1 watt) with single press.

Option A: 10 waterproof receivers A06 + 1 charging base + 1 desk transmitter TE-505NA
Option B: 15 waterproof receiver A07 + 1 All-in-one transmitting and charging base A07TCP
Option C: 10 waterproof receiver A08 + 1 All-in-one transmitting and charging base A08TCP

The coverage might differ depending on different output wattages of the transmitters (generously 500-1000 meters in open space). To extend coverage, you can always add a repeater RP-100.

Please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail. We invite you to test our products in your marketplace by ordering a sample today. We welcome all of your comments and suggestions. Contact Us

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