Enhance customer service at the push of a button

Wireless table caller allows the hospitality industry in need of call button to offer great customer service, reducing workforce and is essential to increase customer service from the very beginning. It is installation friendly that a wireless caller JD-170T can be mounted to tables or any applicable area, the customers just need to press button when service is needed. The staff pagers feature numeric alert options or a central receiver shows the table requiring service.



Wireless transmitting, no wires is needed.

long battery life

The battery life is long lasting up to 6 months (basing on 20 press per day)

Gold Apollo 於2008年獲得國際ISO9001 by AFAQ-FNOR認證。

Gold Apollo 於2018年獲得國際ISO9001:2015 by AFAQ-FNOR認證。

Choose the call button



Frequently asked questions

You can purchase our basic setup of 10 wireless callers JD-170 and 1 numeric pager AL-A01 carried by waiter.

The table caller can be installed in various sites in needs of calling staffs such as clinics, the karaoke, restaurants and the lounge in a vehicle maintenance plant.

Depending on the numbers of table, you can install table caller JD-170 accordingly. Meanwhile, one or more 50-key receivers RE-300T can be installed to receive alerts from the table caller JD-170.

The coverage indoor is around 100-200 meter, in open space it may be longer up to 500 meters. (* The indoor coverage might be different due to construction materials of the building)

The table caller is powered by CR2450 lithium Cell battery (3.6V/600Ma). The battery lifespan is about 360 days (according to 20 times of alert per day).

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