What to Do When the Elderly Fall?

The Golden Rescue Time Must Not Be Missed!

Battery Life Being the Top Priority

Elderly falls are a major cause of injury and death, with one in five individuals aged 65 and above experiencing a fall. This risk increases with age, especially for those over 80. Sadly, the elderly have the highest mortality rate from falls compared to other age groups.

Immediate assistance after a fall is crucial. If the person becomes unconscious or vomits, it can block their airway, leading to suffocation. Additionally, intracranial bleeding from a fall can cause “brain herniation” within an hour, resulting in disability or death.

Five Essential Conditions for Wearable Fall Detection Devices

Gold Apollo suggests five key factors when buying wearable fall detection devices: long-lasting battery, good signal range, easy use, durable design, and automatic alerts. These features are vital for prompt help during elderly falls.

For instance, smartwatches with fall detection can be inconvenient for daily charging and complex operation, especially for seniors. In situations where the person may lose consciousness or depend on caregivers, meeting these criteria is essential for their safety.

Gold Apollo’s Wireless Tech: Renowned in EU & US

Gold Apollo initially focused on producing pagers for wireless applications and later expanded into medical care systems for institutions. With extensive experience in the European and American medical markets, its partners include BLUELINEA, Tung Yuan Hospital, Corning Elderly Center, and Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.

Their “Fall Detection Smartwatch Care System” offers a flat signal range of 300 meters, surpassing similar products. The watch boasts a long battery life, simple design, and is waterproof and shockproof. Deputy Manager Xu highlighted their rigorous testing process, involving domestic and foreign personnel, ensuring an accuracy rate above 90%.

The system promptly alerts receivers when the wearer experiences a fall, with no limit on recipients within the signal range. Gold Apollo also offers signal repeaters for multi-storey houses to ensure coverage.

In summary, Gold Apollo’s key advantage lies in their commitment to ensuring the safety of the elderly at home through reliable fall detection systems.

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