Each year, millions of older people – 65 and older – fall, but not all of the systems have a ‘fall alert’ feature.

The JD170G with G-Sensor(Accelerometer) protects aged people against falls, especially when they are in-doors alone or in the nursing home. The bracelet to be pushed manually or send the falling calls by “automatic fall detection” to receivers, therefore, simply prevent further injuries by first-aid.


It suits one-on-one personal caring, the calls of “Emergency” or “Falling detection” can be sounded differently while sending to an alphanumeric / numeric beeper

For the clinics​

A central receiver with 50 LED indicators, each LED indicator stands for one user. Each system supports up to 50 units of JD-170G which is perfect solution for a small clinic or nursing home with users less than 50 persons

The nursing home​

It is suitable to bigger nursing home that has more JD-170G, their emergency calls will be sent to server via an all-data-receiver. Allowing center to assist users swiftly to their location

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can. The fall detector is suitable for daily use with its IP67 Solids / Liquids Protection.

The IP67 is international Ingress Protection Rating stand. It is able to have complete protection against contact and water ingress (up to 1 m of submersion).

However, it cannot be immersed in a pool or the ocean or soap water…etc. Meanwhile, please note weathering may cause waterproof rubber’s aging that reduce liquids protection.

The coverage indoor is around 100-200 meter, in open space it may be longer up to 400-500 meters. (* The indoor coverage might be different due to construction materials of the building)

The battery lifespan is about 180 days (according to 20 times of alert per day). You may refer to more details of battery replacement in the user guide.

We can program your device initially. Please consult Gold Apollo sales team and leave your web inquiry including following information: how many units of fall detectors and receivers are needed as well as the details (floor area, levels…etc.) of the elder house. Our sales team will get in contact with you as soon as receiving your inquiry.

You may add a repeater RP-100 to relay the signal so as to extend the coverage.

If the user wants the mobile phone to receive the message from JD-170G, a POCSAG to GSM repeater RP-100G can be added to convert POCSAG message to SMS or e-mail and deliver to phones or mail box.

Please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail. We invite you to test our products in your marketplace by ordering a sample today. We welcome all of your comments and suggestions. Contact Us

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