Interact with paging system

Two Way Paging System

is designed specifically for long-term place to gain well management immediately, such like industries, shopping mall, hospital, and emergency organization necessary.

Two way paging system

Best solution for interactive paging system

Two way paging system
  • With AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), GA Two-Way Paging System secures every message you send and receive.
  • TCP/IP interface makes the system so extensive to every corner all over the world.
  • Two Way Paging allows user to send / receive messages to / from its center through simple steps.
  • By Log-in/out function, you can check attendance record and personnel management.


In this video, you’ll see the whole concept of Two-Way Paging System including its function and innovative designs.

Msg Acknowledgement

You’ll see how to reply message by Two-Way Pager AL-125TR in this video and how it works with computer and software.

Log in & Log out

Log-in/out function is very distinguished function from other paging system. It’s a very powerful design in personnel management.

Real Time Clock

This video will explain how to use Real-Time Clock function to calibrate each pager in Two-Way Paging System.