A06 Coaster Pager Charger (A06-C)



A06 Coaster Pager Charger (A06-C), when paired with the Coaster Pager (AL-A06) and Wireless Waiter Call Button (TB-A06), provides your restaurant with a comprehensive and convenient solution.

This system is designed to enhance the dining experience for customers, utilizing advanced technology to streamline and improve the meal collection process. The Coaster Pager (AL-A06) and Wireless Waiter Call Button (TB-A06) is not only affordable and user-friendly but is also suitable for various settings, including restaurants, food streets, cafes, and bars.


How can the Guest call system benefit you – Product Usage

After placing orders, customers can take pagers to the dining area for a relaxed wait. When meals are ready, staff use the POCSAG transmitter to notify customers, improving efficiency and customer management. This system enhances meal collection and allows better customer influx management, ensuring a higher quality, more efficient service.

Gold Apollo provides various wireless calling systems for diverse needs, ensuring you find the most suitable solution. The wireless takeout calling system is not just an operational tool but also a key element in creating a more enjoyable dining experience for your customers.(application video)


A06 Coaster Pager Charger (A06-C)– Product Description

  • The charger allows you to place the coaster pager on the stack and to charge coaster pager through charging pins.
  • 1 charger can charge up to 10 coaster pagers.
  • Output: DC6V/2A
  • Dimension: 110 mm (Diameter) x 16.2 mm (H)
  • Weight: 83.5 g
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