A29 Standard Desktop Charger (A29-C)


  • Charger for Alpha Pager (AL-A29)
  • Suitable for restaurants, emergency services, medical industry, industrial environments


A29 Standard Desktop Charger (A29-C),when paired with the Alpha Pager (AL-A29).

Alpha Pager (AL-A29) features AES encryption for secure data transmission. Equipped with four operational buttons, users can easily and quickly perform actions. The screen can switch between displaying two or four lines of text based on user preferences, providing a flexible information presentation. With a memory capacity of up to 259,062 characters(POCSAG), it can handle a substantial amount of text data.

Additionally, it can be paired with a single-hole or 10-hole charging dock for added convenience. Due to its encryption capabilities and versatile features, this text pager is suitable for environments such as healthcare facilities, factories, and warehouses, offering a reliable wireless communication solution for various industries.

Gold Apollo offer a variety of calling devices. Feel free to contact us for the solution that best fits your business needs.(application video)


A29 Standard Desktop Charger (A29-C)– Product Description

  • Charger for Alpha Pager (AL-A29)
  • Power Adapter: Input : AC 110V ~ 240V ; 50~60Hz, Output: DC 5V / 1A
  • Charging Current: 200 mA
  • Full Recharge Time: approximately 8 hours
  • Alert Tone Loudness: 100 dBA @ 30cm(High); 94dBA @ 30 cm(Low)
  • Weight: 93.59 g
  • Size: 52(H) x 105(L) x 87(W) mm


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