24 Inch LED Sign (AS-112R)


  • One (10) or two-line (13) alphanumeric display
  • Wireless control
  • 10 beep and melody patterns
  • Broadcast service via public paging system
  • Large font visible up to 6 meters


The 24 Inch LED Sign (AS-112R) combines a digital pager with an LED screen, serving as a visibility supplement to public address systems or a quieter alternative for paging. 

The AS-112R requires only a power connection, eliminating the need for additional wiring, making it easy to install both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, wireless devices can extend their signal range, achieving a larger reception area than typical WiFi networks, ensuring information transmission is unaffected by distance. Introducing a new communication experience in any environment that requires dynamic, high-visibility communication with staff or guests.

Suitable for:

  • Firehouses
  • Schools, colleges, universities, and places of worship
  • Healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, patient or resident common areas, and waiting areas)
  • Ambulances and other medical transport vehicles
  • Buses, trains, cruise ships, and transit stations
  • Hotels, resorts, and casinos
  • Restaurants, lounges, bars, and coffee shops
  • Warehouses, loading docks, shipping and storage yards
  • Automotive dealerships and service centers
  • Any service desk
  • Large residential complexes
  • Shopping malls


24 Inch LED Sign (AS-112R) – Product Description:

  • Display text and functions can be wirelessly controlled
  • Includes a BNC antenna
  • 24-inch x 5-inch Alpha LED with relay output
  • Text display mode can switch between single line (displaying 10 characters) or double line (displaying 13 characters)
  • Large font visible up to 6 meters
  • Single-line font: 95(H) x 51(W)mm; Double-line font: 51(H) x 35(W)mm
  • Supports display of Chinese/English/numbers
  • Message capacity: 163,200 characters
  • Text message scrolling
  • Real-time Clock (RTC)
  • Wireless message input; provides 3 different message formats
  • 10 sets of customizable alert tones (editable duration)
  • Silent mode (mutes all sounds)
  • Each message can have up to 2,000 characters
  • Provides broadcast service through public paging systems
  • Optional pagers and software available
  • Recommended for use with wireless transmitter TE-100U (Application Video)
  • Messages can be input via public paging systems or TE-100U transmitter (via standard RS-232 connector linked to computer programming)
  • Can be installed on ceilings or walls

Additional information


UHF 430~470 MHz, UHF 929~932 MHz

Bit Rate

512 / 1200 / 2400bps for POCSAG, 1600 / 3200 / 6400bps for FLEX

Channel Spacing

12.5KHz, 25KHz

Code Format



6 Capcodes for POCSAG, 16 Capcodes for FLEX


16 x 160


10 / 4.75


Case: 710 (L) x 160(H) x 70(D) mm


3,865 g


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