POCSAG Signal Repeater TX-200RP


When using these transmitters and receivers in larger areas, or in spaces with denser walls, the range of the system’s coverage is not always enough. However, the  Gold Apollo POCSAG repeater is designed to quickly and easily extend the coverage area of any paging system, indoors or out. The TX-200RP perfect solution for: Dispatch Centers, Facilities Maintenance & Engineering, Healthcare, Power plant, Oil plant etc.


  • Repeat Pocsag Signal
  • Powerful one or five watt output modes, roughly equivalent to additional coverage of between 0.8 and 4 kilometre in unobstructed open space
  • A rugged, ultra-compact
  • Active voltage range: DC12 V, 3A
  • RS232 port (programming)
  • BNC antenna input
  • one power LED; one transmission in-progress LED
  • TX-200RP is also compatible with virtually any other POCSAG transmitter
  • Support varies installation methods: hanging or placement
  • Applications: Loading Docks, Shopping Malls, Warehouses, Service Centers, Construction, Facilities Maintenance & Engineering, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants


Receiver Specifications
LO Frequency Temperature Stability < 3ppm
Receiver Sensitive < -118dBm @12dB SINAD
Image Rejection >60dB
Spurious Rejection >60dB
Adjacent Channel Rejection 12.5kHz: >52dB ; 25kHz: >60dB
Intermodulation Response Rejection +/-25kHZ/50kHZ : 60dB│+/-50kHZ/100kHZ : 60dB
2nd IF Frequency 455kHz
IF Bandwidth 15kHz
Transmitter Specifications
Output Power 10dBm ~ 37dBm (10mW – 5W)
Modulation Type FM,2FSK
FSK,FM Deviation +/- 2.5kHz ,+/- 4.5kHz ,+/- 5kHz
Frequency Tolerance < 5ppm@VHF │ < 3ppm@UHF
Frequency Stability < 5ppm@VHF │ < 3ppm@UHF
Harmonic < -57dBc or -36dBm
Spurious < -60dBc

Additional information


VHF 135~174 MHz, UHF 430~470 MHz

Data Rate

512/1200/2400 bps

Delay Time

About 0 ~ 60Sec.

Output Power

2W, 1W, 5W

Operating Voltage

DC 12V/3A

Operating Temperature

-10˚C ~ + 50˚C

Power Consumption

Standby 300mA, On Air 2.1A (Tx 5W) @VHF │ Standby 300mA, On Air 1.7A (Tx 5W) @UHF




111*90*30 mm

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