Portable Transmitter TE-100S Series


It’s a POCSAG portable hand transmitter with one LCD display and multiple canned-message as TE100NA/RA/RN series it developed and manufactured by Gold Apollo, for people easily paged message by hand and easy to use which can work with a simple PCWindows.
TE100 series has a Micro USB that can be connected to computer in paging software, easy programming between transmitter and receivers through a cable with program kit, charging function ability if placed rechargeable batteries inside.

TE100NA is a tone only message of transmitter with 100 addresses to Beep type receivers or take-number display, the perfect paging solution in many restaurant activities.

TE100RA is an alphanumeric canned-message of transmitter with 100 addresses to alphanumeric pagers, it provides 30 sets pre-message setting thorough a customized software.

TE100RN is a numeric canned-message of transmitter with 100 addresses to numeric receivers, it provides 30 sets pre-message setting through a customized software.


  • Max. display numeral :3
  • Max. canned alpha character :1200
  • Max. canned numeral: 2000
  • Portable type pocsag transmitter
  • Friendly user interface
  • Up to 100 capcodes
  • 15 Buttons
  • Active Voltage Range: 3 Ni-MH battery
  • Output power up to 0.5 watt
  • Backlit supertwist LCD screen
  • Ranges of half mile plus with basic antenna shown
  • USB port for serial data and programming
  • Protocol support: GACOMP2
  • Search pager

Additional information


VHF 135~174 MHz, UHF 430~470 MHz

Modulation Type


Harmonic Radiation

60 dBc or less -36dBm

Frequency Stability

±3 ppm at –10°C ~ +60°C

Current Consumption

Standyby: 30µA; Transmit: 350mA


50Ω SMA (F)


58 (L) x 113 (W) x 23 (H) mm (Without Antenna)

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