Footswitch Transmitter (TE-100L)


• Selective 1, 4 Keys
• Black aluminum case
• IP53
• Compatible with all GA receivers
• LED indicators for transmission


Footswitch Transmitter (TE-100L) equipped with the durable water-resistant aluminum case. The hand-free and easy using foot switches can be set with pre-programmed text messages for each button. If an emergency occurs or for safety control, this hand-free switch relays text message to multiple receivers such as Led Panel, Alphanumeric Receivers, Telemetry POCSAG Gateway. Coverage for TE-100L: 500 meters in open space. It is suitable for operation in offices, factory plant, kitchen or take it to anywhere in need.

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Footswitch Transmitter (TE-100L)– Product Description

  • Selective 1, 4 Keys
  • Large buttons for easy use
  • Black aluminum case
  • IP53
  • Compatible with all GOLD APOLLO receivers
  • LED indicators for transmission
  • Consumption: 350mA in transit (Tx)
  • Active Voltage Range: 3.45~4.5V (3 AAA Size battery)
  • Message capacity: Max. 640 letters
  • USB charging and programming
  • Protocol support: GACOMP2
  • TX power 500mW its roughly equivalent to 500 meters of coverage in open space.

Additional information


VHF 135~174 MHz, UHF 430~470 MHz

Harmonic Radiation

– 60 dBc or less -36dBm

Frequency Stability

±10 ppm for VHF, ±3 ppm for UHF

Current Consumption

Standyby: 30µA; Transmit: 350mA


1-Button: 172.5 x 240.2 x 85 ; 4-Button: 172.5 x 440.2 x 85 mm


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