Touch Screen Wrist Watch Pager (WP-100)


  • IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof
  • 1.54-inch Color Touch Screen
  • Standby Time: 7 Days
  • Alert Tones / Vibration / Sleep Mode
  • Language Support: English / Spanish / French / German / Swedish


The Touch Screen Wrist Watch Pager (WP-100) comes with a built-in synthesized crystal supporting UHF 400~470 Mhz and VHF 100~174 Mhz. These frequencies can be manually programmed on the device, and the device is password-protected for security.

Worn on the wrist, the WP-100 receiver is capable of receiving alphanumeric message notifications. It boasts a compact design, featuring a side button and a 1.54-inch color touch screen for easy navigation. Charging and programming are conveniently done through a micro USB cable. The device’s inbox can store up to 10 messages, each with 300 characters, allowing for quick review.

With a standby power lasting up to 7 days, users can continuously receive messages without worrying about frequent recharging. These features make the WP-100 an ideal device for staff in various professional settings, including medical centers, factories, and storage facilities.


What is a pager? – Product Utility

A pager is a communication device that transmits short messages or notifications to specific individuals or teams through wireless transmitters. Despite the prevalence of mobile networks and the mainstream adoption of instant messaging, pagers remain indispensable in certain situations, providing immediate and reliable notifications to ensure the swift delivery and processing of messages.

In the past, pagers were typically used for one-way communication, only receiving pre-programmed messages or numeric codes. Modern pager systems offer additional features such as displaying text messages, supporting two-way communication, and even integrating other communication technologies like SMS or data transmission. GOLD APOLLO offers a variety of pagers; feel free to contact us to find the solution that best suits your business needs.


How does a pager assist you? – Application Scenarios

Pager systems provide rapid and effective communication in various application scenarios. Here are some examples in different fields:

  • Restaurant Service:
    • Service Calls: Guests can use the pager to call waitstaff, enhancing service efficiency.
    • Order Notifications: Kitchen or bar staff can use pagers to notify servers of new orders or ready-to-serve dishes.
    • Staff Coordination: Management can quickly summon staff using pagers to address emergencies.
  • Emergency Services:
    • Emergency Notifications: Emergency service personnel receive immediate pager alerts to respond swiftly to crises.
    • Team Collaboration: Pagers assist real-time communication between different departments or teams during emergency situations.
  • Healthcare Industry:
    • Patient Calls: Patients can use pagers to notify nursing staff, ensuring timely attention to their care needs.
    • Healthcare Team Coordination: Healthcare professionals can use pagers for quick coordination, improving overall medical efficiency.
  • Industrial Environment:
    • Industrial Emergency Response: Pagers are used to swiftly notify personnel to respond to sudden accidents or crises.
    • Production Process Notifications: Production line workers receive real-time notifications about production status through pagers.
    • Equipment Maintenance Notifications: Maintenance personnel receive notifications about equipment malfunctions or servicing needs via pagers for timely action.


In summary, pagers offer a convenient and rapid communication method in various fields, contributing to increased work efficiency, emergency response capabilities, and collaborative efforts. If you would like to learn more about our product applications, feel free to contact us at, and we’ll provide you with the most comprehensive wireless device solutions.

More Wireless Device Application Videos.


Touch Screen Wrist Watch Pager (WP-100)– Product Description

  • One side button
  • One red LED
  • 1.54″ color touch screen
  • 10 messages, 300 characters/message
  • Beeping alarm / vibration / silent mode
  • 3 level backlight brightness
  • 3 level beep volume
  • Auto page flip function
  • 2 alarm clock settings
  • IP67 dust and waterproof
  • Programming and charging via Micro USB
  • Manual programming or PC programming
  • 7 days standby mode
  • Support language: English / Spanish / French / Greman / Swedish

Additional information


UHF 430~470 MHz

Bit Rate

512 / 1200 / 2400bps for POCSAG

Channel Spacing

12.5KHz, 25KHz

Code Format


Spurious Rejection

50 dBc


6 Capcodes for POCSAG


Lipo battery 3.8V 400mAh

Standby Mode

180 hr


53(L) x 42(W) x 15(H) mm


44 g

Paging Sensitivity

1200bps-12μV/M, 2400bps-14μV/M, 512bps-10μV/M


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