Nurse Call Button (JD-110BN)


  • Doctor / Nurse emergency button
  • Antibacterial housing
  • 800 meters in open space
  • Wall mount
  • Maximum Quantity : 200



The Nurse Call Button (JD-110BN) is a straightforward caregiving signaling device suitable for placement in examination rooms, establishing an uninterrupted healthcare network. When a patient requires assistance, a simple press of the button enables an easy call for healthcare personnel to provide aid. Even if caregivers are not in close proximity, they can still receive the patient’s call notification through the paired receiver, facilitating immediate assistance. (Application Video)

Gold Apollo’s Nurse Call System is recommended for both home care and medical facilities. Feel free to contact us to explore a more comprehensive range of wireless solutions, making caregiving more efficient.


Nurse Call System – Product Application

The “Nurse Call System” is an innovative product designed to provide reliable patient care services, establishing a connection between patients and nursing staff, and proving particularly effective in hospitals and nursing homes. It empowers patients with the ability to communicate with assigned nurses, ensuring round-the-clock service protection from doctors to caregivers. The system enables management to track response times and records using computer software. The Nurse Call System enhances healthcare services, maintains the efficiency of medical care, and simultaneously increases patient satisfaction.


Nurse Call Button (JD-110BN)– Product Description

  • Red LED indicator
  • Patient-Friendly operation to instantly alert nurse
  • Antibacterial housing
  • Wall mount
  • Each emergency call must be cleared by JD-120
  • Doctor / Nurse Button: for emergency case
  • Coverage: 800 meters in open space, 200-300m indoor
  • Maximum Quantity : 200
  • Use 4 AA Batteries
  • Pair with Nurse Call Button Cord JD-210
  • Pair with Numeric Pager (AL-A01) or 50-Button Nurse Call Panel (RE-300N)

Additional information


UHF 430~470 MHz, UHF 860~872 MHz

Modulation Type


Transmitting Power

10 mW

Maximum Deviation


Harmonic Radiation

60 dBc or less -36dBm

Frequency Stability

±3 ppm at –10°C ~ +60°C


Wire 932mm

Active Voltage Range

4.8~6.5V (DC 5V or Alkaline AA battery *4

Current Consumption

Standby : 180μA Transmit : 30mA (include LED)


100(W)×150(L)×45.2(H) mm


211.5 g


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