Pull String Stations (JD-180)


  • Coverage 400-500m in open space
  • Luminous push button
  • 150 cm pull cord
  • Water resistant
  • LED indicator (message sent / low battery / disengaging calls)


Pull String Stations (JD-180) are simple caregiving call devices designed for home use, clinics, nursing homes, and large care centers. When paired with different receivers, they establish a continuous healthcare network.

When a patient requires assistance, a simple press of a button or pull of the string allows them to easily summon caregivers. Even if caregivers are not in close proximity, they can still receive notifications of patient calls through the paired receivers, enabling them to provide immediate assistance.(Application Video)

Gold Apollo’s Nurse Call System is recommended for both home care and medical facilities. Feel free to contact us to explore a more comprehensive range of wireless solutions, making caregiving more efficient.

Transmitter is compatible with various receivers on different occasions:

  1. Home care with one-on-one alphanumeric / numeric pagers.
  2. The clinic and nursing home with a 50-key central receiver and LED panels.
  3. The larger nursing home with the wireless central receiver (gateway).
  4. To extend the coverage for more flexible applications, one or more wireless repeaters can be added to relay the calls.


Nurse Call System – Product Application

The “Nurse Call System” is an innovative product designed to provide reliable patient care services, establishing a connection between patients and nursing staff, and proving particularly effective in hospitals and nursing homes. It empowers patients with the ability to communicate with assigned nurses, ensuring round-the-clock service protection from doctors to caregivers. The system enables management to track response times and records using computer software. The Nurse Call System enhances healthcare services, maintains the efficiency of medical care, and simultaneously increases patient satisfaction.


Pull String Stations (JD-180) – Product Description

Additional information


UHF 430~470 MHz, UHF 860~872 MHz

Code Format


Modulation Type


Harmonic Radiation

60 dBc or less -36dBm

Frequency Stability

±1 ppm at -10°C~+60°C

Baud Rate(bps)

512 / 1200 / 2400

Output Power

10mW, 100mW


9V 550mah Alkaline battery


116(W)×75(L)×30(H) mm



【How to Use】Install the Pull Cord Transmitter 【JD-180】

【How to Use】Connect 【JD-180】Pull String Station with Pager

【How to Use】Connect 【JD-180】Pull String Station to The Buzzer by Switches


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